TARNISH - 25th anniversary release,18th of February 2022

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Tarnish by My Beloved

Tarnish – 25th anniversary release by MY BELOVED

Tarnish, is the title of the 25th anniversary release by MY BELOVED. The new album consists 12 official tracks that will be relesed on all major streaming services and CD, the 18th of February 2022. A double vinyl release will hit the streets later in 2022. The 12 official tracks + 2 bonus tracks, can […]

Vinterfestival 2020

There is a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in. MY BELOVED will perform live at the Vinterfestival, 6th of November 2020 at Elværket, Elsinor. All Covid-19 regulations and requirements are met and we encourage visitors to take good care of each other.


New album recording session in November 2020

My Beloved are currently planning the last details of the recording session for the upcoming album. The new album will be recorded live in the rehearsal space of My Beloved, a WW2 bunker in Copenhagen. The new album recordings are scheduled for November 2020 and with a following mixing and mastering session. More album detail […]