China Tour 2018

My Beloved are thrilled to announce our first China Tour.
Passing by the bigger cities from north to the south of China.

Summer Tour 2018

MY BELOVED will be doing a small summer tour by the end of June 2018.
So far at, Rauchhaus in Berlin, MS Stubnitz in Hamburg and Byhaven at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen.
There might be an extra surprise show in Germany. Stay tuned!

We hope to see you out there!

Echoes over Voices - out now

Thanks to all who showed up at our release party and show for Echoes Over Voices!
It was truly a magnificent evening with so many supporting and loving people.
Thank you!

MY BELOVED are looking forward to post new show dates, soon.

All the best,

Echoes over Voices

Releaseparty of Echoes over Voices

MY BELOVED are happy to announce the date and venue of the release of the 5th studio album.
We hope to see you at Loppen at Christiania, Copenhagen Friday the 13th of Oktober.
See the event at Facebook here.

Echoes over Voices - 5th album out soon!

MY BELOVED, will soon be ready with their 5th full lenght studio album.
The new album, ECHOES OVER VOICES, are set to be released, Sep/Oct - 2017.
ECHOES OVER VOICES consist of 8 new tracks and a special guest appearance with Zef Noise (Peter Murphy).
More info soon about release date and party!

Byens Lyd, compilation release with My Beloved

MY BELOVED are happy to be featuring a compilation release from, Byens Lyd, (Sound of the City), created to make awareness of the many layers of splendid underground music of Copenhagen. The release is a mix of bands from the 3 largest music unions of Copenhagen, "Rytmisk Musik København", Musikforeningen RUSK​ and "Refshalen"​.
Please support the Copenhagen underground scene by sharing this news or purchase the album.

CD's out soon!
Release Party at Copenhagen City hall, the 16th of June.


Copenhagen Psych Fest, spring Ed.

My Beloved are very happy and thrilled to be part of the 2 day long Copenhagen Phych Fest.
We are looking much forward to destroy your ears and mind, Friday the 4th of March at Stengade.


5th studio album on it's way

My Beloved are currently preparing material for the 5th studio recording session that will take place in September 2015.
We will post more news and details as we get closer to the date.

Working on 5th album

My Beloved are currently working towards their 5th official album release.
More news in the near future.

My Beloved live at KB18

Friday the 8th of November My Beloved will perform live at KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Together with the excellent bands, Machinery of Joy & Acorn Falling
This evening is also featuring the release of Machinery of Joy's new excellent album, On The Verge Of Sleep.

Live news!

My Beloved will perform live at Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Saturday the 14th of Sep. Together with the excellent bands, Late Night Venture & Machinery of Joy

My Beloved Live at Drone

My Beloved will perform live at Drone in Copenhagen, Denmark the 2nd of May 2013.
The show is a support act at the releaseparty of O.D. Dødsprinsens new album.

This performance will be the first with the new bass player, Thor. And the first live appearance since 2011.
My Beloved are currently planning more shows this and the following years and are currently also working on new material.


New Bass Player and Upcoming shows!

After the recordings of SOIL, our beloved bass player through many many wonderful years, Peter Lopes, decided to focus his energy on other things than music. We fully understood and respected his decision and sadly had to part ways in the musical world. Now My Beloved can happily announce that we have a new bass player in motion, Thor, from the Copenhagen band OD Dødsprinsen (OD Death Prince).

My Beloved will soon announce new shows coming up in May/June. Stay tuned and enjoy the new old video from My Beloved Live in Leipzig 2004.


Releaseparty the 12th Nov. 2012

My Beloved are celebrating the new album, Soil, Monday the 12th of Nov in the crypt at Literaturhaus, Møllegade 7, 2200 Nørrebro (Copenhagen) from 5pm til around 9pm.
My Beloved will provide liquids and solids together with an opportunity to listen, and purchase a copy of SOIL at a very special price.. My Beloved hope you will stop by to hear the album, have a talk, and celebrate this with us.
Spread the word!

SOIL - New album out the 12th of November 2012

My Beloved are releasing their 4th official album, SOIL, the 12th of November 2012. SOIL is a delicate, beautiful and a little less dark release compared to the earlier My Beloved releases.
All instruments are even more in play and are complementing each other in a whole new level of sound and vitality.
Info about release party is coming up soon. Cheers!

Track list:
Side A.
Lucky Strike
The Theatrical Kill
The Unsaved

Side B.
Black Cactus
Part of it all
The Drought

Upcoming Album 2012

We are currently mixing our upcoming album that are planned to be released near the end of 2012.
All recordings for this new album was made in November 2011 and are extremely good and promising.
The album title and release date is still unknown but we are looking very much forward to provide you with more news in the months to come.


Welcome To

As our old "Flash-based" website was amazingly outdated and difficult to update we are currently working on this new website.

Until further notice please mail us if you need any information. Use the contact form to contact us.

All the best,
My Beloved