The Album

"The Album" - 2000 (Sold Out)
The Album

The most of The Album was recorded at Søren Sadolin Studio, Hvidovre, 2000.
Additional recordings by Iver Ask Overgaard.

Iver Ask Overgaard: Guitar, keyboards
Alex Zichau: Vocal on X and A Dance
Danny Søndergaard: Drums
Jannick Hartung: Guitar
Lars Kivig: Keyboards
Zani Talevski: Bass

1. Weirdo On The Run
2. X
3. Doctor Helmer
4. A Dance
5. A Tripping
6. The Distant Overwhelming
7. Jam For Annie (first version)
8. Made For The Screamer
9. After The Speechless Head
10. Germany (Live at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen) + Bonus tracks by Iver Ask Overgaard

"Released on CD"