Servant Of Secret Places

Servant of Secret Places

Album Info:
Produced by My Beloved and S.O.L.
Recorded and mixed by Morten Søfting and My Beloved
*except track 4: Recorded and mixed by Iver Ask Overgaard
*except track 5: Recorded by Jack Giersing
*except track 9: recorded by My Beloved and Søren Sadolin

All tracks recorded at The Sonic Sound, Copenhagen, Denmark with additional recordings at Magtværk Studios and Søren Sadolin Studio.
Graphic Design by My Beloved
Photos/artwork by Lars Kivig - except frontcover by an anonymous servant.

Performed by:
Iver Ask Overgaard - Guitars/ tapes
Danny Søndergaard - Drums
Lars Kivig - Synth/ keyboards
Zani Talevski - Bass/ Digeridoo

*Additional percussion on track 4 by Iver Ask Overgaard
*Special guitartreatment on track 5 by Jannick Hartung
*Additional keyboard on track 9 by Iver Ask Overgaard
*Electronic drums on track 1-5-7-8 by Danny Søndergaard

"Released on CD"